Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting Ready To Go!

We just bought our flights and are super excited! We will be leaving October 11th, arriving in Beijing on the 12th, staying for almost 24 hours to quickly check it out, then flying to Bangkok on the 13th. Our first week there, we will be given an intensive training on everything from the culture, to the language, to how to teach English!

We still don't know the exact date that we start teaching - sometime around the beginning of November we think. After five months of teaching we are going to travel around Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam for about a month, then fly to the Philippines for a week or two.

Our goal is to update this blog at least once a week, since apparently they have internet in the town where we will be living (HERE are the details on our teaching assignment). You can follow our adventures in several ways. The easiest is probably by subscribing with your email address on the left hand side of the screen where it says Follow. If you have Twitter, you can also use that to get updates, and every time we post a new entry here, it will update to Facebook.

We are both very excited, kind of nervous, but overall ready to embark on a great adventure. Thank you for your interest, and wish us luck!

P.S. The above picture highlights the part of Thailand we will be teaching in (Province of Suphanburi, town of Dan Chang). For a more detailed view of the country, HERE is a good map. Additionally if you are insanely interested in seeing what the future holds for us you can check out THIS BLOG which was written by a couple who embarked on a similar adventure teaching in the same town about a year ago.

P.P.S. Come and visit us!!!!!!!
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