Thursday, March 3, 2011

Epic Trip

Year of the Rabbit :)
So... one more week of teaching and we are off!!! Natalie and I are so soooo SOOO you-can't-even-describe-how-much excited to finish up here and get started on our travels!!!! The reason we havn't done more posts lately is because there hasn't been much to say. Actually there is one huge juicy story, but we need to wait till we finish teaching to go into detail about it....apetite whetted??? It should be.... :)

I wanted to give you a link to the maps that we are almost finished putting together though so that you can see and hopefully comment on our trip. Anyone who is traveling this area - let us know when our paths are crossing so we can meet up! Anyone who has been to these areas before - please let us know if we are missing something!! Anyone sitting at work with internet access and too much time on their hands - help us plan!! :) Seriously if you have any interest in the above options email me at, and I would love to send you an invite so that you can edit our maps.

Without further ado, here they are. We miss everyone a ton, and cant wait to meet up with our friend here and especially return to family and friends in the states a few months from now. The countdown begins!

South East Asia in 2 Months Map

India in 2 Weeks Map
Sadly we are never going to be able to do all of this, so help us narrow it down! We are thinking about cutting out all the northern stuff....

The Philippines in 2 Weeks Map

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