Saturday, May 28, 2011


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Hello, and yes we have fallen of the face of the earth.....

Not really!!! We have just been going - going - going - lightning speed! We just got back from India yesterday, spent a really nice but way too short time trying to say goodbye to people in Bangkok (mostly failing with lack of time and a ton of loose ends to tie up - to all those we missed seeing, we love you!) and are leaving early tomorrow for the Philippines! Crazy. I am not going to write anything here, other than to say we are doing great, loving our adventures, and also super excited to be back in 10 days! Rather, I will let the myriad of photos in this album speak for us. There are a ton, but some really amazing ones, so hopefully you wont get too bored looking through them. If they are green or watery, they are from northern Vietnam, dry and deserty, from India. Miss you all!! Can't wait to come home!! If you hear of any awesome jobs that pay tons of money, let us know :)

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